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Resource Details for Record #81

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1. Information About Submitter
Your Role: Author
Name: Dr. Lawrence Moore
E-mail Address: lang@math.duke.edu
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 90320
City, State, Zip: Durham,  NC  27708-0320

2. Other Roles
Additional Role: Author
Name: David Smith
E-mail Address: das@math.duke.edu
Mailing Address: Box 90320
City, State, Zip: Durham,  NC  27708-0320

3. Resource You are Submitting
Title of Resource:   Helper Application Tutorials

URL of Resource:   http://www.math.duke.edu/education/ccp/materials/precalc/helpertutors.html

Description of Resource:
Tutorials for three popular math computer programs: Maple, Mathmatica, and MatLab.

Taxonomy Path:
Taxonomy 1:    Mathematics//


4. Technical Information and Requirements for this Resource
Resource Format 1:
Mediatype: Web Page
Datatype: .htm(text/html)

5. General Information About the Resource You are Submitting
Difficulty:    Easy    Interactivity Level of this Resource:    Low   
Language of Resource:   English    Intended Role of Primary End User:   Learner
Intended Use of Learning Resource:
Is there a cost for using this resource?   No Are there copyright restrictions?   Yes
No document or portion of this document may be reproduced in any form or stored in any retrieval system without prior written permission with the following exceptions: a temporary cache copy may be made by web browsing software for which such caching is an original feature of its operation; uses that are consistent with the Fair Use doctrine are allowed without express notification or permission; and for any noncommercial educational purpose.

6. Resource Relationships

This resource is:
Based On:    http://www.math.duke.edu/education/ccp/materials/precalc/maptutor/index.html
Based On:    http://www.math.duke.edu/education/ccp/materials/precalc/mlabtutor/index.html

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Last modified: August 10, 2010
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